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Download all Source Codes in a zip file from here.


Source Codes:

The Copyright of all codes belongs to the appropriate author(s).

Please notice that the files below have the file extension .txt to make them viewable in your browser. However, the source code file usually have the file extension .ffp. So if you want to download them, please download the whole .zip file.

3D Perspective Projection by Hidetaka Hama
Demonstrates 3D-data display

Adjust Saturation by Harald Heim
Code for doing quick saturation adjstment without calculating between color models

AFH Beveler 3.0 by Alex Hunter
A rectangular bevel effect

Patches Factory (animated) by Pawel Gluszynski
Code converted from Filter Factory to FilterMeister with an animation feature added

Bilinear Resize by Harald Heim
Demonstration of Interpolation Methods

Blur Box 2 & Blur Box 2b by Ilya Razmanov
Code that applies a box blur very quickly

Circle Scribbler by Pobelly
Generates a uneven circle

Color Picker Test by Alex Hunter
Demonstrates how to use a color picker

Cycle by Alex Hunter
Cycles a button through 4 states

FF in FET by Harald Heim
Shows how to use your FF code in FilterMeister's ForEveryTile handler

Filter Template by Harald Heim
Simple template for getting started with some things commented out

Filter Without Dialog by Harald Heim
Demonstartes how to create a plugin which doesn't show up a dialog

RGB-Hex Converter by Werner D.Streidt, Alex Hunter and Alfredo Mateus

FM Template1, FM Template2, FM Template3, FM Template4 by Ron Chambers
Some templates to get started

Nirvana by Alex Hunter and Harald Heim
Demonstartes how to put several FF filters codes into one FilterMeister plugin

Fractalism by Werner D. Streidt
Fractal effects

Gaussian Blur by Alex Hunter
Want to do a Gaussian Blur in FilterMeister?

Image by Numbers by Werner D. Streidt

IUV cycler by Ilya Razmanov
Cycles through the YUV color space

Life Waves by Ilya Razmanov
Game-of-Life variation a-la Belousov reaction

Language Test by Martijn Van Der Lee
Demonstartes how to do a multi-lingual plugin

Max Demo by Ilya Razmanov
Maximum function effects

Memory & Memory16bit by Harald Heim and Martijn Van Der Lee
Shows how to use the memory function

MemoryAllocTest by Ron Chambers
Another example for allocating and using a memory block

Movin' & Movin'2 by Alfredo Mateus
Animated transition effects

Multi by Unknown
A kind of mosaic effect

MultiMode-Gamma by Bill MacBeth
Illustrates another use of 16-bit memory allocation, to build a 16-bit lookup table.

Newton Fractal Explorer by Alex Hunter
Fractal effects

OFIR Elderly Simulation by Ofir

Convex polygon drawing by Martijn Van Der Lee

Textured convex polygon drawing by Martijn Van Der Lee

Preview Correction by Harald Heim
Shows how to adapt the preview display to the final result

PrinterTest by Bill MacBeth
Draws a printer test pattern

RGB to Lab to RGB by Ron Chambers
Conversion between the RGB and Lab color spaces

RGB_to_Lab_and_back by Harald Heim and Ron Chambers
Same as before but fully functional

RGB_to_HSL_and_back by Harald Heim
Conversion between the RGB and HSL color spaces

RLE Image compression by Werner D. Streidt
Illustrates how to save and open image files of a proprietary format

Rotate by Harald Heim
Image rotation and animation example without imterpolation

SaturateRGB by Harald Heim
Shows how to adjust saturation for each color channel independantly

Snapper, SnapperGen & SnapperGenA by Martijn Van Der Lee
Demonstrates how to save the preview to a BMP file and display it in an image control

Color Bubblesort by Martijn Van Der Lee
Bubble-sorting the image colors

Speed Test by Martijn Van Der Lee
Shows you how to measure the speed of your filter algorithms

sRGB to Lab by Hidetaka Hama
Color space conversion

TabStyle Demo by Bill MacBeth
Illustrates how to create a tab sheet dialog

TestColorModes by Harald Heim
Code that displays various variables which change under different color modes

Test Controls and Borders by Bill MacBeth
Demonstrates different controls and border styles

Test Start End Loop Limits by Bill MacBeth

Test XY Loop Limits by Bill MacBeth

Transparency by Bill MacBeth
Sets the transparency in areas of a selected color



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